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Browser Support for ExactEstate's Property Management Software


We are fully tested in Google Chrome as this is our primary development browser, as such we would suggest the use of Chrome with ExactEstate before any other browser on this list.


We are fully tested in Mozilla Firefox and also use this as a development browser, this would be the alternative or secondary browser we would suggest if you do not wish to use Chrome.

Microsoft Edge*

The latest version of Microsoft Edge is built on the same web engine that Google Chrome is built with, in fact, Microsoft recently moved from their own web engine to the same one used in Chromium Browsers for better support so Edge, as long as it is upgraded to the latest version, will work similarly to Chrome.

Ensure you have the most up-to-date version of Edge here. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/edge

*Versions of edge that are old still use the same rendering engine as Internet Explorer, which is an outdated incompatible browser for use with our system. You should ensure you have the latest version, or it will not work. As of this time the version that works with ExactEstate is version 83.0.478.58, released on 07/03/2020. Future releases are acceptable as well.


We have not done testing in Opera, but it uses the same rendering engine used with Chrome and the new Edge. Given this information, Opera should work exactly as expected with ExactEstate.


We have completed partial testing in Safari, but it does provide potential differences in the way pages are rendered, so use of this browser is not fully recommended.

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